We are pleased to offer you a new model of Alesto lamp LED lamp E27 5W A001. This lamp is made from the best quality materials which ensure excellent operational and technical characteristics.
This model has a ceramic body for better heat dissipation, which means that high-brightness LEDs will last longer than usual. The diffuser is made of glass, not plastic, and has a scattering angle of 260 degrees instead of the usual 180, which means that the lamp more diffuse soft light, very close in spectrum to conventional incandescent lamps.

To the illuminated glass of LED lamp only about 10% of the heat emitted by the LEDs is transmitted, so it is practically not heated. Also due to glass cover of LEDs, which has better thermal conductivity than plastic, this heat is more effectively dissipated into the environment, providing more stable and long-term operation of light-emitting elements of the lamp.

It is worth noting that this lamp is equipped with very high quality driver with current stabilization. Driver is an electrical device inside each LED lamp, it- is used to convert AC to DC for powering LEDs. Unlike compact fluorescent lamps that radiate heat outside surface of lamps, LED lamps heating extends into the lamp. Therefore, the reliability of the driver is the first condition of long-term operation of LED lamps.

In our drivers we use powerful capacitors to ensure prolonged operation at high temperature. Their performance insures quality and durability of the lamp. Drivers of LED lamps are also equipped with several zener diodes, providing continuous operation at voltage fluctuations in the range of 160 to 260 volts.

Alesto company hopes that you will definitely appreciate great work of our professionals, which was condensed in this highest quality little bulb.